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Our First Wine Pairing Evening At Vadivelu:

Taaibosch Wines

7pm, Monday 22nd April 2024

An Indian restaurant doing a wine pairing evening?! Oh yes, this will be the first of many. Since we opened on 1st June 2023 we have only offered wines which pair well with our food and we don’t list them until tried and tested (except for the Sauvignon Blanc’s of course).


The top class-team from Taaibosch are bringing their wines for dinner at Vadivelu, and they rock!


We will be pairing each of their 4 wines with various Vadivelu classics under the direction of winemaker Petri Venter, a rising star amongst SA’s young winemakers.

Book Your Table Now!

Minimum table size 4 guests, R600 per person, includes 4 courses, 2 options per course and 1  glass of paired wine per course.

The evening is about having fun and enjoying the best food and wine SA has to offer. Guaranteed Vadivelu generosity, as usual.

Taaibosch Crescendo.jpg

Taaibosch Crescendo

Taaibosch Crescendo, the only wine under the Taaibosch brand, a fabulous Bordeaux blend with all grapes sourced from their beautiful Helderburg farm. The team are so driven for perfection, they took a very expensive decision not to make a 2023 because one of the blending varietals was slightly sub par! The 2019 is without doubt one of the best wines we offer at Vadivelu.

Le Chant Rouge 2019

Another Bordeaux blend and my personal favorite on our list for value for money. Polkadraai, near Stellenbosch, is the new hotspot for sourcing Bordeaux blend grapes so the Taaibosch team bought land there and from it source all the ‘du coq’ grapes. In a pairing session with the Taaibosch team, we were blown away by how well this wine paired with our lamb curry.

Taaibosch Le Chant Blanc.jpg
Taaibosch Le Chant.jpg

Le Chant Blanc 2023

A proper Chenin Blanc, with grapes also sourced from their Polkadraai land. Chenin stands up to our lighter curries, we’re going to pair the Le Chant Blanc with our fish and chicken curries

Pink Valley Rosé 2023

Their only wine under the Pink Valley brand, again showcasing their strive for perfection. It’s fun and light and we’re going to start off by pairing with a few of our vegetarian starters.

Taaibosch Pink Valley Rose.jpg
Vadivelu RGB-07.png

(Sold Out) Event Date

7pm, Monday 22nd April 2024

Please Note: Our first wine pairing evening has been sold out. Due to the overwhelming demand we will be running another one soon.

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